12 Week Health & Weight Loss Transformation

If you want to lose up to 12kg in the next 12 weeks without dieting, this could be the most exciting page you read all year.  

Are you tired of diets that don't give you the lasting health results you really want?

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If you would like to improve health, lose weight and restore energy levels, this 12 week transformation is for you!


  • Evidence based approach to weight loss that achieves lasting results
  • No¬†fads that have you shedding 10kg of water weight only to put it all back on a few weeks later
  • Designed for individuals who want to achieve real and lasting results while being supported by a team of experts
  • Delicious family friendly menus that will transform your perception of healthy eating into a whole new dimension
  • Feel more confident and energetic waking up everyday knowing you're at an optimum level of health

Exactly what you're getting in the 12 week health & weight loss transformation

I know you have tried many diets before and they have failed you.

So you're probably thinking this is just another one of those 'been there, done that' weight loss programs. But this program is unlike anything you've tried before.

It's dramatically different from your past experiences because it's highly focused on getting you the best results, fast!

More than that, because you're following our carefully crafted meal plans and resetting your metabolism along the way...

The results are significant and permanent.

As a specialist weight loss dietitian, I am not interested in putting you through a program that over promises and under delivers.

Instead, you are highly supported throughout this program. Not from just anyone, but experienced university trained dietitians. 

I personally ensure every single one of my clients gets the support they need to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.


In The Next 12 Weeks, You Could Be…

  • Shopping at your favourite fashion stores, of course a few dress sizes smaller.¬†
  • Waking up every morning feeling full of energy and confidence, knowing exactly what to eat for optimal health and vitality
  • Saying 'yes' to that dinner party invitation and attending to enjoy all the food without guilt or shame, staying on track with your health goals

Your friends and family will be asking what you've been doing because they have never seen you so happy, healthy and full of life

Introducing the Mind Body Fuel Method By Ellen, APD...



Weight loss is about nutrition, but what often gets forgotten in other programs is the importance of the mind. The thoughts you tell yourself, the way you think about food and confidence levels all play an important role in a successful health & weight loss transformation. During phase one you will:

  • Reset your mind by assessing and addressing unhelpful thoughts that¬†have been keeping you stuck.
  • Discover the right way to talk to yourself about food so you feel empowered and in control, always.
  • Transform your relationship with food and wave goodbye to cravings, binges and deprivation for good.

You'll come away with what no other weight loss program can give you...

A healthy, empowered and positive relationship with food!



Once your mind has been reset for success, you're ready to move to the macro phase. In this phase you will gain:

  • A balanced menu plan with 12 weeks of delicious meals and snacks the whole family will love. No more cooking 2 different meals!
  • Understand the right balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates for your metabolism. Optimise digestion and fat burning for rapid results.
  • Access hundreds of energy boosting, fat burning recipes that satisfy

Gain skills for life that will show you exactly how to build a impressive repertoire of perfectly balanced and tasty meals.



The third and final phase of the Mind Body Fuel Method will turn your idea of exercise for weight loss on its head! You will gain:

  • Instant access to a 12 week evidence based, exercise physiologist designed training plan that focuses on fat burning movement, not ineffective gruellingly gym workouts.
  • Discover the principles of mindful movement that unlock the secret to effective training.
  • The optimal¬†time and duration for movement to achieve permanent results you actually enjoy.¬†

This movement plan is not available anywhere else and is exclusively yours when you join Mind Body Fuel 12 week transformation today.

Designed to optimise your existing lifestyle for health and weight loss success...

  • Instant access to the entire program after joining
  • Video lessons,¬†movement modules and printable menu plans you can access 24/7 from your private online portal
  • Week 1:¬†Foundations of fat loss
  • Week 2:¬†Movement
  • Week 3:¬†Macros
  • Week 4:¬†Appetite control
  • Week 5:¬†Hydration for weight loss
  • Week 6: The truth about sugar
  • Week 7: Nailing your mindset
  • Week 8: Reading food labels
  • Week 9: Eating out and take away foods
  • Week 10: Sandwich bar
  • Week 11: Snacking system
  • Week 12: Final check-in and long term game plan

You're also getting 12 private nutrition coaching sessions 


Personalised support when you need it so you never feel alone

Throughout the 12 week transformation you will catch up with your dietitian every week for 12 weeks in a private nutrition coaching session.

  • Flexible times to suit your schedule. Every session is online via¬†teams and valid for 12 months.
  • Make adjustments to your menu plan and set personalised goals to keep you accountable and moving forward.
  • Talk through roadblocks and get access to 11 game changing strategies Ellen uses with clients everyday to ensure they stay on track and achieve results.

This is more than just a weight loss program it's a highly supported private coaching program that gets results like you've never had before.


Here's What To Do Next


If this sounds good to you then your investment for the entire 12 week program, including is just one payment of $1997 AUD

Flexible payment plans are also available.

As soon as you apply for the course today, by clicking any button on this page...

You'll be sent to an application form. This is important to ensure the program is the best fit for your goals.

You'll be asked a few short questions about your goals and past experiences with weight loss. Please answer honestly and in as much detail as possible. I read every application personally. 

From there, you will be invited to book an obligation free 20 minute chat with me to discuss your application and any other questions you have about the program. 

If, on that call, we both agree its a good fit, you will be set up with immediate access to the content and meal plans. 

Simply click the button on this page, complete the application form and I look forward to meeting you soon!

" I have struggle with yo-yo dieting for years, your course has shown me how to maintain a healthy eating pattern for long term health"

- Alison

"You have helped me be accountable to my goals"

- Sharon

"I have struggle with sugar cravings and guilt. You have shown me how to control my hunger so I can make better food choices with self-control"

- Claudia

Lose up to 12kg in 12 weeks

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