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Healthy eating doesn't have to be complex. Simple and sustainable strategies will transform your health.

Ellen Catto

Hi, I'm Ellen

Dietitian & Owner of Happy Apple Nutrition


Tried every diet but keep ending up back where you started? Get lasting results you deserve...

Having worked with thousands of people in the fields of bariatric nutrition and weight loss from Australia, NZ and the UK over the last 15 years, I know first hand how overwhelming and frustrating making healthy food choices can be each day. 

That's why I have dedicated my career to making healthy eating, simple. Whether you have had weight loss surgery or want to improve your health to prevent disease, my private nutrition coaching and online programs will show you how.

Reach your potential with Ellen

Specialist dietitian for sustainable weight loss and bariatric nutrition

Online Courses

Take a self-guided journey to health and weight loss. Lose up to 6kg in 6 weeks and keep it off.


1-on-1 coaching

Dive deep into your health and weight loss goals with 12 weeks of personalised coaching.


Bariatric Nutrition

Specialist bariatric support for Lap Band, Sleeve and Bypass surgery. 



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Optimise nutrition after weight loss surgery and discover the secrets to preventing weight regain while enjoying all the foods you love.